Welcome to the FLUTRAIN Partner's website.

The present world wide avian influenza crisis has highlighted the need for comprehensive training and the transfer of technology to accession and INCO countries with the clear goal of aiding these countries in combating AI with the most up-to-date diagnostic and disease management procedures. The FLUTRAIN project will aim to fulfil this requirement at two levels:

Level 1: It will firstly approach the need for training by providing three workshops over the duration of the project (3 years) that will call on experts in the AI field to pass on their valuable expertise in the diagnosis and management of AI to participants from accession and INCO countries. Training opportunities will also be provided in partner labs in order to consolidate the information and practical experience gained during the workshops.

In addition a CD-ROM will also be prepared containing essential information provided during the workshops. A website will be developed which enable participants and the general public to access the training programs and wil linclude on-line discussion forums between trainees and trainers.

Level 2: The second goal of FLUTRAIN will be the transfer of technology to accession and INCO countries.
This will include the provision of new, simplified and cost effective diagnostic methods and reagents.
It will also involve the transfer of deliverables, both for serological and virological diagnosis that have been (or will be) developed in three European projects namely AVIFLU, Lab-on-Site and FLUAID.
The consortium is made up of 19 members which includes 2 SMEs. The participants can be identified as trainers (12) or recipiends (7).

Given the rapid evolution of AI on a worldwide level not all the recipient countries have been identified as it is believed that the AI situation will have changed significantly by the time this project commences at which point the remaining recipient countries will be identified.

Finally FLUTRAIN will identify and supplu funds, in a bi-lateral manner, for once-off specific support missions that will target specific AI problems in recipient countries.